Useful Foraging Links

There is some great information on the internet to help give novices the confidence to start foraging for wild food .. so here are some guides and websites to check out.

General advice, recipes and free guides

Sensible foraging tips on picking from Forage London with comments on dog poo, pregnancy, pollution and more

Excellent free Edible & Poisonous Berry Guide from folk at Wild Food School.  NEVER eat berries you can’t identify – they can kill!

Fergus Drennan is a wild food experimentalist and educator. Excellent website full of recipes and posts about all sorts of wild food. He is a bit of a ‘serious’ forager so as well as great recipes there is lots of more unusual things like how to tap birch sap, making flour from all sorts of seeds and nutsleaf curd and candying wild foods

Wild Food School have an excellent website and also can download a free Urban Foraging Guide they also now have a tropical, riverside and Cornish foraging download on that page too.

Eat Weeds loads of info and unusual recipes on edible and medicinal plants and they also now do podcasts.

Green Deane has an extensive site at with hundreds of recieps and articles on a range of edible wild food. He is based in Florida so some things you will certainly never see here but the best bit is a feature on the front page to search over 1000 edible plants

Rogers Trees and Shrubs A really extensive website with descriptions,pictures, leaf shape index and more to help you confidently identify over 500 plant species. Search uses common names as well as latin ones.

ground elder dandelion nettle cleavers

Myths and downright untruths

Unfortunately the internet is great for propagating untruths on all sorts of subjects and foraging is no different. I have come across wild food several recipes which don’t work at all but have been extensively reposted so just be aware that all may not be as it seems!

This is a great article from Green Deane with some myth busting about some wild foods

I have done a blog about comfrey and I recommend you read this extensive blog post from Monica Wilde about the research into the safety or otherwise of comfrey



10 poisonous mushrooms to watch out for in Britain when foraging  These are great pictures!

A beginner’s guide to foraging for morel mushrooms. 

Great website from Mina Said-Allsopp (MushrooMina) She runs fungal forays and wild food walks  in the Leeds area

Rogers Mushrooms is an excellent website with many detailed photos to help identify fungi. There is also now a Mushroom app available.



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