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My name is Jo Rhodes and I am a homeopath living and working in the Yorkshire Dales and I regularly forage for wild foods and medicines. My mum was a keen organic gardener and forager so I grew up thinking that comfrey fritters and nettle bhajis were normal… but realise now how unusual that was.

Conversations with friends have made me realise that many people have absolutely no idea about what is safe, and, if they use wild food at all, limit their foraging to very obvious things like nettles and elderflowers.

This site is aimed at people completely new to the idea of wild food and the aim is to give you the confidence to find, identify and cook lovely foraged things and also introduce you to some simple herbal medicines that you can use at home.

There are many excellent wild food resources already out there so have a look at the useful links page for some free downloads, interesting blogs and useful websites.

I have met some amazing people in the last few months who use wild plants in various ways and I’m hoping to interview some of them and feature them in the blog.

I really don’t know where this will lead.. but I’m open to suggestions .. so if there is anything you particularly want to know about get in touch and I’ll do my best to write about it.

Happy foraging!

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In case you were wondering.. the pictures are..

Top – Blackcurrants, Ground Elder, Nettles and Cleavers (Sticky Willy)

Middle – Gooseberry Bush, Rosehips, Sweet Chestnuts

Bottom – Medlars, Dandelions, Herb Robert


If you are interested in what else I do – my homeopathy site and blog is http://www.jorhodeshomeopathy.co.uk I also tweet as @homeojo

I also run North Craven Networking Group  and tweet as @NCravenNetwork which is a friendly and informal business networking group for rural businesses in the Settle area of the Yorkshire Dales. I realise most of you looking at this will be from much further afield but I am also blogging on the site with simple mindfulness, meditation tips and links aimed at stressed business folk so you might like to have a look at that.

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