A lavender heart

A small lavender filled cotton heart might seem an odd thing to start off a wild food blog.. but let me explain..


I made this last November while on holiday in Anglesey. I’d just finished working through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and something creative seemed a fitting way to round off my journey through the book.

The Artist’s Way is a 12 week course in discovering and recovering your creative self. I started in March and it’s took me about 8 months. I wanted to do each week properly and do all the tasks so decided I’d rather do it slowly. I really think it helps if you do it with a group of people, about 8 of us started at the same time (more joined us later) and we had a facebook group for chats, raising issues that came up or just showing off photos of our artistic creations.

One of the many things about the Artist’s Way is trying to tap into your intuition, half forgotten ideas or projects that your brain just puts on the back burner or dismisses for some reason. The two main parts of the Artist’s Way are regular journal writing, Morning Pages, and Artist’s Dates where you take time out every week to do something creative or just go somewhere and observe or do things that are different from your normal routine.

The Morning Pages are three pages you write long hand first thing in the morning and they can just be a brain dump of jobs you need to do for the day, half remembered dreams, powerful insights into old situations or current ones, highlight patterns of behaviour and much more. Some days the writing can really profound, some days it is just really mundane stuff like a shopping list or things to remember for the day ahead.. it really doesn’t matter .. just offloading before you start the day actually frees your mind to think of other things and can be a valuable therapeutic tool.

Writing first thing initially does sound like a huge task and something that might be hard to make time for, however, after a while it really does become second nature. Regular writing is now part of my day, not always first thing in the morning, but I always do a few pages and find the process very beneficial.

This blog is a direct result of those Morning Pages. On many occasions my writing would feature wild food in some way. Things like recipe ideas, places where I know there are great wild foods or medicinal herbs so the idea for a blog came from the frequent mentions of wild food and medicines in those pages.

I have done quite a few wild food walks and talks locally and had some great conversations in recent months with people who use wild plants in various ways but it feels that I ought to get ‘out there’ a bit more.. so here goes..


If you would like to find out more about The Artist’s Way have a look at Julia Cameron’s website. She has some short videos about various aspects of the book.

Julia has written several books now on art and creativity, writing, spirituality, money and prosperity – many have a similar format to the Artist’s Ways and are designed to be worked through to get the most out of them. She has also written books of poetry, plays and fiction. Amazon links to some of them below.. other booksellers are available!

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