Lavender scones

This is a simple and tasty recipe for lavender scones from my friend Karen. They really are delicious and taste lovely simply spread with butter.

All lavender flowers are edible and you can use fresh or dried ones for this recipe. There really is no need to buy culinary lavender but do think about where it has come from if you are picking some for cooking – don’t use flowers that have been sprayed with chemicals or might have been weed on by dogs! Just a couple of flower heads is enough for this recipe.



12 oz self raising flour

4 oz caster sugar

3 oz butter or margarine

4 fluid oz buttermilk (or full fat milk)

Beaten egg to brush on top

2 big pinches lavender

Adding 1tsp baking powder gives a lighter texture but is optional


Mix the flour, baking powder and sugar and rub in butter/margarine.

Tip in buttermilk and lavender and combine.

This mixture will look very dry and crumbly to start with but do not be tempted to add more liquid. It should have a consistency like pastry. If the mixture is too moist it spreads when cooking and come out more like biscuits.. but will still be delicious!

Roll out to about an inch thick and cut into rounds, brush with beaten egg and bake 12-15 mins gas mark 7 or 220c

Leave to cool on a wire rack and enjoy these with butter.

lavender scones

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